Monday, October 09, 2006


You will see many distinctive people across the world.

These distinct personal qualities help one to establish one’s identity.
Personality can certainly be improved by proper guidance of parents, teachers, friends and colleagues and most important by self.
Developing personality is in a way development of a person in every aspect.

Coming to the specific question how to develop ones personality, first most important thing one should understand is to know about the main factors that constitute its personality.

Broadly speaking these are:

  • Ones physical traits.
  • Intellectual qualities.
  • Attitude.
  • Behavior pattern.
  • Feelings and aspirations.
  • Commitments and Convictions.

How a person can groom or develop personality depends to a great extent upon the way they socialize, interact with others, how they are treated by their near and dear ones, the cultural and social environment in which he/she is brought up, the amount of care and love from all, the contribution made by the school, college, offices and the facilities provided to the person for physical growth and mental development.

There are many aspects to develop a person’s personality. To develop personality one should know all types of Temperament Traits.

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