Monday, October 30, 2006


A person should try to explore life as much as possible to groom one’s personality.
Exploring life exactly means understanding all the emotions and trying to implement them to their fullest.


Within our everyday lives we CAN experience joy on a daily basis.

But not through the acquisition of material things, fancy titles, or "free" time. Striving in these ways drives joy away as surely as squeezing a handful of water leaves us empty-handed.

If we want to find magical moments in our everyday lives, we have to make room for JOY! Joy requires emptiness - space and inattention. There is no room for joy when we are striving, collecting and hoarding things. There is no room for joy when we are full of anger, cynicism, or despair. There is no room for joy when we are worrying about future or complaining about past events.

As Susanna Tamaro writes in her gem of a book, Follow Your Heart, "Joy… has no object. It seizes you for no apparent reason, it’s like the sun, and its burning is fueled by its own heat."

To be seized with joy we have to be open to it.

Sweep away material things.
Remove from our living spaces the things that bind us to them, that raise negative experiences, or that remind us of the ways we aren’t. We are left with simpler living spaces graced with a few things that have significance and meaning to us. Then we are free to experience the joyous freedom of nourishing memories and pleasing surroundings.

Sweep away anger, resentment, and bitterness.
Apply the greatest gift of all - forgiveness. By living lives of conscious self-acceptance and learning to forgive ourselves we become more able to forgive others. This loosens the unbearable limitation of anger, resentment, doubt and despair and frees our hearts to swell with joy.

Sweep away the busyness and mental chatter of lives lived in the possible future or buried past.
When we second-guess what we "should have done" or anticipate what we are going to do, we become oblivious to the magic in the moment we are living. By learning to be present in the current moment we open to the treasures that it offers.

Sweep away taking for granted and walk with an appreciative heart.
We dance with joy when counting our blessings – those that float unnoticed in our existing lives and those that cascade in unexpectedly. It’s nearly impossible to be gloomy when acknowledging the gifts that are present in our lives.

Sweep away self-limitations and face each day with a can do attitude.
When we start each day with a determined CAN DO attitude, we invite ourselves to learn new things, tackle seemingly difficult challenges. We then experience the joyfulness of self-discovery and accomplishment.

Sweep away worry and explore the impossible power of surrender.
Worry serves as a signal that we must tend to something, but when we have done all that can be done for the moment, it’s time to let go of worry and surrender to the joyous support of people and possibilities.

Surprise your life.
Waken your five senses, practice harmless and minor anger and seek a larger freedom in your life.

Cultivate beauty.
Create beauty in your everyday activities and celebrate beauty in your everyday surroundings.

Embrace Laughter.
Laughter is good for our health, and as Marilyn Fergusan notes, "At the height of laughter the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities."

Give yourself simple extravagances and healthy indulgences.
Garnish your life with little pleasures that don’t destroy your pocketbook…or your health.

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